Rebate Information & Fees

What it’s worth

Counselling is a deeply personal experience. If you take this step towards changing your life or your relationship, you want to know that you invest your money well.

Our program

Over a decade of counselling individuals and couples has given birth to the 6-months-program we offer. We bring thousands of hours of education and counselling experience to the therapeutic relationship we form with you during the time of your journey toward the life you want to live. To maximise the outcome of your counselling process, we need you to bring genuine commitment to this process, which is why we invite you onto a 6 months journey with us.

What’s included

During this time you will receive three hour-long weekly session per month as an individual or three 90-minute sessions per month if you come as a couple. And because we know that most of the changes we make happen outside the counselling room, we also offer out-of-session support, session summaries for the first session and homework reminders throughout.

As a new client your can book in a FREE consultation with Mattie. This will enable you to get to meet the person, find out if they suit your needs and if you will feel comfortable working with them. At this point the counsellor will also give you an idea of the kind of work that might be required for you to achieve your goals.

Once you decide to come on board, you start your journey with an extended first session. This important session will give you a deeper insight into the dynamics driving your current situation, enable you to define achievable goals for your work with us and initiate the first changes to your life.

While the majority of clients experience a marked improvement in their well-being through the process of counselling therapy at Live Connect, there is no guarantee that this will be the case for you. It also is hard to know how long it might take for you or your relationship to improve. Depending on the complexity of your issue and your age, therapy might last from 6 months to 2 years or more.

Find out more

Please check out our testimonials to see what other clients had to say about their experiences with Life Connect Counselling.

Sometimes the therapist doesn’t suit the client, which is usually the main reason why therapy becomes less effective. One way to minimize this risk is to book in for a  free consultation with the Michelle or Mattie, to find out if and how they can help you.

While we adjust our fees on an annual basis, once you entered therapy with us, your fees will not increase for the duration of your engagement with Life Connect. Please be aware, though, that should you re-engage more than 12 months after your last appointment, the then current fee will apply.

Life Connect Counselling offers one place of reduced fees per quarter to enable clients with a smaller budget to receive high quality counselling. Please ask about this when you contact us.

If you still feel unsure and want more information, let’s have a chat about your situation.

Rebate information

The good news is that an increasing number of private health insurances begin to accept counselling as a valuable contribution toward your health. If you have insurance cover with Bupa or Medicare Private, Mattie can issue the required invoices to claim the portion back according to your insurance cover.

The bad news is that the Government does not provide support for counselling with a Counsellor (versus a Psychologist) under the better access program, which covers a percentage of the cost for anyone with a mental health plan. If you want to find out more about the difference, advantages or disadvantages either way, please give Mattie a call on 0488 753 945.

Cancellation Policy

Life Connect Counselling is dedicated to helping people live a rich and meaningful life. The human condition can be extremely challenging and the counsellors at Life Connect are highly trained and professional in their approach to supporting clients through sometimes very difficult situations. But we are also a small business that needs to pay the bills, ensure a smooth operation of the procedures involved and an ongoing education and supervision for the counsellors.

We ask all our clients to let us know immediately if they cannot attend an appointment so we can re-schedule a new time and fill the available time with a waiting client.

The full fee is due in case a cancellation is received later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time or in case of the client not cancelling at all.

We thank you for your understanding.