Hello! I’m Mattie

I am excited to welcome you to Life Connect Counselling. With many years of experience supporting people on their journey to a thriving healthy life, I hope to be able to assist you, too.

I know you can learn to gently re-connect with the Self that lives within a hurting mind or challenge yourself and your partner to move from being stuck in bickering and fighting to becoming nurturing and loving.

The field of Counselling Therapy is benefiting from our increasing capacity to better understand the human brain.  I have a real passion for finding faster and lasting solutions for people’s struggles, which means I apply the latest findings in neuroscience research to the counselling process. It is hugely exciting to watch my clients move from despair to hope and from hope to change. My commitment to you is to support you with all the knowledge I have, to challenge you to grow into the best version of yourself and to walk alongside your transformation and healing with empathy and care.

I know about the fears and blockages we face when we are called for growth and I love helping my clients transform a painful struggle into a challenging opportunity for growth.

Believe me, it hurts to let go, to heal and to grow,  but it is ALWAYS worthwhile.