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Often we only grow when the pain of staying where they are becomes larger than the fear of where they are headed. It is our job to help you make that journey with less fear. We have been committed to this journey for over a decade and have yet to meet the person who regretted getting onto it.

So, where ever you are now and where ever you will go from here, know that it can be done.

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What Our Clients Say

“I had reached a point in my life where I realised something had to change when I sought out Mattie. She helped me work through what I came to realise were some traumatic events from my childhood and adolescence, which had carried over into my adult life. I almost instantly felt at ease with Mattie and knew that I could talk to her about any aspect of my life which I thought was being effected by these issues. Mattie has given me the tools and belief to improve my interactions with family and friends and generally live a more fulfilling life. I have no problem with recommending Mattie to other people who may be facing similar situations in their lives. Thank you Mattie!

Thank you for all of your help over the last year Mattie. It has changed my life forever.”

“I sought Mattie out when I was being plagued with sleeplessness, anxious thoughts, physical pain and grief.

We spent 10 sessions together over a 5 month period. During this time, I found Mattie to be wise, intelligent, patient, encouraging, adaptable and insightful. We talked, I cried, we laughed, I questioned, she taught me, we shared and I was introduced to sand play therapy which was great.

Mattie helped me out of a ‘stuck’ place to move forward, armed with strategies for coping with future arrows.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mattie to anyone in need of counselling.”

“Mattie was suggested to me by a friend when I needed counselling, and I have since recommended her to others. The help I got went so much deeper than what I originally had come for, and I continue to benefit from her advice and suggested techniques every day. She is open and frank, but respectful, and really helped me in ways that previous counsellors couldn’t. Thank you so much!”

“When I first met with Mattie I was crippled by the impact of depression on my life. I had no idea how much the experience of an intense trauma some 20 years ago had shaped my current condition. With Mattie’s help over many sessions we managed to re-activate some of my life forces to the point where I was ready to take charge of my life once again. I still experience retreat from life as the default setting for a difficult situation, but I have learned to take care of the part in me that feels threatened so that I don’t need to go back to my old depression ever again. It was a long and difficult journey but thanks to Mattie’s patient and empathic guidance I have found a life worth living again.

“Mattie was pretty helpful when I came in in a mess. She did not laugh about my lack of words to talk about what was happening but helped me find them instead. I did not know anything about counselling and thought it is only for the sick people… well, I know better now.”

“We were well and truly at the brink of divorce when we met Mattie, as a last resort, like so many other couples! Within the first session Mattie was able to describe what had happened to us and why with quite stunning accuracy. We left bewildered and relieved and ready to give it a go. It was not easy to change our patterns of interaction and it took a while for us to move from ‘doing it in session’ to being able to recognize the forces at work at home and bring compassion and care instead of defence and anger to the problems with had.

Thank you Mattie, for not giving up on us, I cannot believe that I nearly let go of something so precious. We are glad to not only have worked through our hurts and pains but also have the skills to care for each other and nurture a beautiful relationship.”

Our Latest Updates

Meet Mark & Arian

Meet Mark & Arian

This year, the blog is going to follow the lives of Mark and Arian. This great couple is representative in many ways of the people who have sought my support over the years. Like many couples, Mark & Arian have relationship problems, personal struggles and family issues. However, they also have strength, insight and resilience.

This post provides some background into their relationship, and their story, to help us better understand their marriage counselling journey.

Let’s talk (a little more) about sex

Let’s talk (a little more) about sex

Mark and Arian explore the journey of their sex life. And find some clues about how they ended up where they are now! After their first exploration into their broken down intimate connection, Mark and Arian return to counselling for more guidance. Between Duty and...

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